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    Aging Yellowing Resistance Tester

Aging Yellowing Resistance Tester

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Button snap tester

Used for measuring the responsibility of garment manufacturer to ensure
button and firmware can be fixed on the ready-made garments properly,
Avoiding button drop from garment to brought danger to baby swallow.
Used for testing the vertical orientation tension of button and added touch.
Dimensions : 280 x 230 x 735 mm (L×W×H)
Weight:25 kg
a) 30kg Impact Force Gauge FB-30K: 1Pc b) Upper Stud Clamp: 1Pc
c) Snap Clamp: 1Pc
d) Lower Fabric Clamp, Lever Arm locking: 1Pc e) Three Pronged Clamp: 1Pc
f) 17 Standard Pressure Clamp 17: 1Pc
Standards:16 CFR 1500.51-53, ASTM WK4510 PS79-
96,ASTM F963,EN71-Part1,M&S P115A

Máy may tự động hai đầu KT-480E / KT-490EFH

Ứng dụng của máy may tự động hai đầu KT-480E / KT-490EFH:

Máy may tự động hai đầu KT-480E / KT-490EFH dùng để may viền hai bên của vải giúp tăng năng suất và loại bỏ những nếp nhăn. Máy được sử dụng nhiều trong ngành may mặc.

Máy may tự động hai đầu KT-480E / KT-490EFH

Máy cuộn vải KW-316EF

Mã hàng KW-316EF

Ứng dụng của máy cuộn vải KW-316EF:

Máy cuộn vải KW-316EF dùng để cuộn tấm vải lớn thành cuộn giúp di chuyển và sử dụng thuận tiện hơn. Máy cuộn tốc độ nhanh giúp tiết kiệm thời gian và tăng hiệu quả.

vải cuộn

Máy cắt vải theo đường chéo và cuộn 722-B

Mã hàng 722-B

Ứng dụng của máy cắt vải theo đường chéo và cuộn 722-B:

Máy cắt vải theo đường chéo và cuộn 722-B sẽ dùng vải hình túi đã hoàn thiện ở công đoạn máy 722-A để cắt theo đường chéo và cuộn lại. Máy thực hiện tự động với tốc độ nhanh giúp tiết kiệm thời gian và đạt năng suất cao.

Máy gấp và may vải tự động 722-A

Mã hàng 722-A

Ứng dụng của máy gấp và may vải tự động 722-A:

Máy gấp và may vải 722-A thực hiện tự động gấp tấm vải gốc dạng to làm đôi và may thành túi đồng thời cắt mép đối diện, rẽ các đường may và thực hiện là ủi.

Beaker Dyeing Machine

Beaker Dyeing Machine is ideally suitable for sample dyeing of fabric and yarn at high temperature and pressure. Features of HTHP Beaker Dyeing Machine:
The machine comprises of tank, beaker and gear box
The beakers are capable of withstanding pressure upto 6.0
Kg/cm square.
Microprocessor based programmer is provided which ensures temperature control.
Promises long life and leak proof service even after many years of use.
Specifications of HTHP Beaker Dyeing Machine: Electric Supply : Single phase 220 Volts, AC Supply Heater Supply : 3000 watt Single Phase
Capacity of Beaker : 250 ml Beaker X 12 Pcs.
Carriage Rotation : At 22 rpm. (±2 rpm) Maximum operating Temperature : 135°C. Maximum rate of heating : 3.5°C/Min.
Control through Temperature Controller / Programmer based having auto/manual operation.
Heater rating : 3 x 2 KW Medium used for Heating : Glycerine Electrical Supply : Single Phase A.C
Motor : Reversible Synchronous Geared Motor
Overall dimensions of the Unit : 700 ±05mm (L) x 470±
05mm (H) x 370±05mm (W) Net Weight of the Unit : 35 Kg.
Net Weight of the Beaker (250ml) : 10.980 Kg.

Shaking Water Bath

Widely used in high vibration and temperature accuracy requirements effective in laboratory studies, such as the bacterial culture, fermentation, hybridization, chemical and biochemical reactions, enzymes and tissue research. Temperature range: RT +5-99 degrees
Temperature resolution: 0.1 degrees Temperature uniformity: + -0.1 degrees Oscillation frequency :30-150r / min Amplitude :30-40mm optional
Input Power: 1250W
Chamber Size: (mm) W * D * H438 * 310 * 250
Dimensions: 643 * 350 * 353

Air Permeability Tester

Air Permeability Tester
The Digital Air Permeability Tester accurately and swiftly determines the resistance of fabrics (woven, knitted and non woven textile materials ) to the passage of air (air flow)
under constant pre-set air pressure while firmly clamped in the test rig of selected test head/area. The specimen is loaded to the test area of the instrument easily by means of a clamping lever. By pressing down the clamping arm to start the test. a powerful, muffled vacuum pump draws air through an interchangeable test head with a circular opening.The pre-selected test pressure is automatically maintained, and after a few seconds the air permeability of the test specimen is digitally displayed in the pre-selected unit of measure. By pressing down the clamping arm a second time the test specimen is released and the vacuum pump is shutoff. Sample Holders. A 20cm² test head is included with the instument.
5 sq.cm test area, 20sq.cm test area, 25sq.cm test area,
38sq.cm test area, 50sq.cm test area. 100sq.cm test area.

Digital Rotational Viscometer

Digital Rotational Viscometer complete with stand and spindle set direct display of viscosity in centipoise or millipascal/seconds,%torque, spindle number and speed (18 speeds 0.3-100RPM). Compete with set of spindles for low or medium viscosity. Complete with hard carring case. Measures viscosities of dye solutions, pastes, sizing compounds, lubricants or adhesives.
Detailed parameter:
Sheen new digital adhesion meter fast, effective and accurate measurement of viscosity, provides an ideal solution, it is easy to use, wide application, can be used for detection of various liquids. Measurement of torque, rotational speed can be displayed, rotor model, and the results calculated viscosity.
1. Speed from 0.3 ~ 200rpm
2. LCD screen can be clearly shown from the choice of operating parameters
3. Installation of new equipment slowed the rate improved to prevent dramatic changes in the rotor torque with platinum

DIN Abrasion Tester For Footwear Testing

DIN abrasion tester, shoes DIN abrasion tester, abrasion testing machine. DIN abrasion testing machine. DIN abrasion machine. Applicable extensive material abrasion characteristics,the adequate testing area can take this apparatus directly which is the largest features of this tester., easy operation and simpling, provided with the proportion balance.

Product Specification:
Diameter of wear wheel 150mm Sample size 16.2 mm x thickness of 6-10 mm Sample moving speed 4.2mm per revolution
Load weight 5N, 10N (0.25, 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 kgs) Sandpaper grits #60
Roller length 460mm Wear trip 40m Weight 55KG Standards
DIN-53516, JIS-K6369, GB/T 209918.3, GB 20265-
2006GB20266-2006, ISO -4649, SATRA-TM174, BS-903, JIS-K6264, GB/T9867

Taber Wear & Abrasion Testers

Taber Wear and Abrasion Testers. To determine the wear resistance of all kinds of structures including metals, paints, plated surfaces, coated materials, textiles, leather and rubber. Uses the X pattern of abrasion produced by a rotary action of abrasive wheels. Supplied with a full range of auxiliary weights, specimen holders, abrasive wheels and vacuum unit, fitted with membrance keypad including a predetermined electronic counter. Single head and dual head models available. Diamond Wheel Refacer. For refacing abrasive wheels used on the Taber Wear and Abrasion Tester.
Model 5000 Sample Cutter. The Rotary Sample Cutter cuts specimens of a correct configuration from the Taber Wear and Abrasion Tester testing this.

Digital Fabric Pick Counter

Digital Fabric Pick Counter is used to determine the thread density of woven fabrics

and loop density of knitted fabrics. Equipped with a portable high-precision camera to capture

and magnify pictures of fabrics, the number of threads or loops on captured pictures can be

counted easily on the screen of the computer by the software
ISO 7211.2
ASTM D3775

l Magnification of the camera 20×~400×

l Specimen Woven fabrics, knitted fabrics

l Measuring direction Vertical/Horizontal
l Counting direction Warp-wise/Weft-wise l Display mode Thread/10mm and

l Mode of storing results In text files

Dry Cleaning and Washing Cylinder

To determine color fastness to dry cleaning and chlorinated pool water, to prepare samples for flammability testing. Comprises stainless steel rotating test chamber of 7650ml capacity, variable speed drive with digital timer and displays.
Capacity: 11.4L Rev: 45~ 50rpm
Time control: 0~999 minute
Dimensions: 800×450×480mm(L×W×H)
Weight: 80kg Power: 220VAC 50HZ Standards:
ASTM D1230 ASTM F963 EN71

Fabric pick counter

Used for testing the number of yarn in warp-wise or across warp of
all kinds of fabrics in set length. Standards:GB/T4668;ISO7211.2
Enlarge the number of times:10.20
Range of scale:0~50mm
Dimensions (L × W × H) 97×53×35mm

Spray Rating Tester

To determine the surface wetting resistance of fabrics. Comprising a metal framework allowing distilled water to be sprayed through a nozzle onto a test specimen at 45° and
150mm below the nozzle. The appearance of the specimen is compared against an optional photographic scale. Parameters:
a) Glass funnel: φ150 × 150mm (volume approximately 500 ml)
b) Sample press release angle: 45 °
c) Sample clip diameter: φ150mm
d) Nozzle head to the sample center distance: 150mm e) Dimensions: 500 × 400 × 500mm (L × W × H)
f) Standards:GB/T4745-1997;ISO4902

Leather &cloth specimen trimming machine

Fabric sample machine can be widely used in cotton, wool, silk, linen and chemical fiber all kinds of textile, knitwear cutting, suitable for production of various forms of sample cards, color cards, elevator, trimming pants trousers , leather, gifts tooth edge products processing industry and so on.
a) Cutter Length: 400mm b) Size: 560x600x1100mm
c) Table Area: (560 350) x500mm d) Can cut deep: 15-60mm
e) Weight: 40kg

Digital Elmendorf Tearing Tester

A microprocessor controlled falling-pendulum instrument to determine the ballistic tearing strength of textiles, plastics, paper or board. Cutting templates, cutting knife and board supplied for preparing samples.
Tearing strength in selectable units MN,CN,N,G,KG,OZ,LB is displayed on an integral 16 character LCD at the end of each test. The display also shows the number of samples (plies) and the pendulum being used. Start and stop safety solenoids hold the pendulum at the beginning and end of each test.
a) Range: A 0~16N,B 0~32N,C 0~64N,D 0~128N
b) Accuracy: ±0.5%FS
c) Unit: N、CN、KGF、GF、lBF
d) Slash length: 20±0.2mm e) Gauge: 2.8±0.3mm
f) Dimensions: 400×640×700mm(W×D×H)
g) Power: AC220V, 100W
Standards: GB/T3917.1;FZ/T60006, FZ/T 75001;
ASTM D1424,ASTM D5734;ISO13937.1,JIS L1096

Elmendorf Tearing Tester

To determine the ballistic tearing strength of textiles, paper or board
a) Light-weight range: 0~16N, 0~32N, 0~64N
b) Test accuracy: ± 1 Calibration c) Slash length: 20mm
d) Dimensions: 410 × 230 × 490mm (L × W × H)
e) Weight: 27Kg
f) Standards: GB/T3917.1, FZ/T60006, 75001, ASTM D1424, ISO13937.1

ICI Mace Snag Tester

ICI Mace Snag Tester drives system with 2 or 4 heads to rapidly determine the tendency of fabrics to snag, (pull yarn loops from the fabric) in normal wear. Complete with viewing cabinet and comparison photographs for different fabric constructions. Provided with 4 rotating test cylinders fitted with sleeves of test fabric, mace balls with tungsten carbide points and controlled by a predetermined electronic counter. Parameters:
a)Public median: 4 b)Drum speed: 60 ± 2 r / min c)Hammer mass: 160 ± 10g d)Pin nails Quantity: 11
e)Count range: 1 ~ 99999, LED display f)Dimensions: 910 × 360 × 460 mm (L × W × H) g)Power: AC220V, 60W
h)standards:ASTM D3939

Random Tumble Pilling Tester

To determine the pilling and fuzzing characteristics of textile fabrics. Stainless steel impellers rotate within individually lit aluminum chambers constantly tumbling test fabrics against cork liners for a pre-determined time controlled by a timer and audible alarm. Compressed air is also injected into the chamber to assist in the tumbling action .Equipped with 2 or
4 test chambers. Laboratory standard compressed air supply required.
Dimension: 530×380×750mm (L×W×H) Weight: 40kg
ASTM D3512, DIN 53867, JIS L1076
Accessories: wood liner wall (50 pieces/bag); sliver(9m);
standard control chart card(5/sets)

Fabric pilling tester

Surface Fuzzing and Pilling Tester is applicable to assess fuzzing and pilling property for fabrics under slight pressure Driven by synchronous motor, less maintenance
Provided different pressing weight with 490cN, 590cN and
Rubbing times are presettable and duly displayed on LED
Stop automatically after reaching preset rubbing times.
Rubbing times can be accumulated when testing Two working mode, rubbing times increase from 1 or decrease from preset times.
The effective length of brush adjustable to control rebbing effects
a) Motion track: Circularφ40mm
b) Brush height range: 2~12mm adjustable c) Sample size: 112.8mm with area 100
d) Rubbing times:2~9999(digital setting)
e) Rubbing speed: 60 RPM
f) Dimension:540×250×345 mm (L×W×H)
g) Weight: 30KG
h) Power: AC220V, 90W Standards: GB/T4802.1, DIN5386.2

Disc sampler(ma de in UK)

Uses: sampling round for a variety of fabrics for the determination of the quality of the fabric per unit area. Sampling area: 100cm 2
Sample thickness: 5mm
Dimensions: 160mm × 115mm

Rain Tester

To determine the penetration resistance of fabrics or composites at different intensities of water impact. Simulated rain horizontally impacts fabric samples mounted
vertically in a stainless steel bath. Samples are backed with a standardized blotting paper which is weighed before and after each test. The rain is formed by a column of water which can be adjusted from 600mm (24in) to 1500mm (60in) or 2400mm (96in) depending on model in 10mm (3/8in) increments, applied via a standardized nozzle.
a) Adjustable column value: 0.6m (A), 0.9m (B), 1.2m (C),
1.5m (D),
1.8m (E), 2.1m (F), 2.4m (G)
b) Nozzle holes: 13, diameter 0.99 ± 0.013mm c) Nozzle to sample distance: 305mm
d) Dimensions: 650 × 800 × 2700mm (W × D × H)
f) standards: GB/T23321, AATCC 35, ISO 22958

Button Impact Tester

Button Impact Tester to determine the impact resistance of plastic sew-through flange buttons to a falling mass of
0.84kg (29.5 oz), released from a height of 67mm (2.625 inch) or other heights as required. Cracking, chipping or breakage constitutes failure.
Weight: 4.1Kg
Dimensions: 100 × 155 × 350mm (W × D × H) Standards: ASTM D 5171

AATCC/ISO Crock meter/Rubbing Fastness Tester (Máy đo độ sờn màu của vải)

Máy đo độ bền sờn màu của vải.

AATCC Crock meter/Rubbing Fastness Tester. To determine color fastness of textile to dry or wet rubbing, fitted with hand crank/counter. Providing with a steel specimen holder and 16mm diameter test finger. Weight: 6.0 kg13.0 lb
Dimension(L×W×H):160.0× mm 600.0× mm 215.0 mm
(6.5 inch ×24.0 inch× 8.5 inch)
Standard :BS 1006 D02 ISO 105X12/D02 AATCC 8/165
JIS K6328,L0815,L1084
Standard friction cloth: 1 box (1000 pieces); clamping ring :2 pieces; sandpaper: 2 pieces

Electric friction decolorizatio n test machine

The electric staining friction test machine is mainly used for marking cotton, wool, silk, knitting, dyeing and other types of textile industry as the determination of color fastness to dry and wet rubbing, scrubbing test color fastness testing equipment.
a) friction head Size: Round: Φ16mm square: 19 × 25mm b) reciprocating friction and the number of first stroke:
100mm ± 1mm
c) friction head downward pressure: 9 ± 0.8N
d) friction velocity: from one per second (60 ± 3 beats / min) e) test bed mat material thickness: 1 ~ 1.5mm (thin white consumption)
f) maximum size and thickness of the sample: 220 × 110 ×
g) crank rotation frequency: 60 times / min h) scrub head: Standard brush

JIS Colorfastnes s/Rubbing Tester

This machine is based on the friction test machine II in the prescribed form of Japanese Industrial Standard JIS L0849, primarily used in dyeing color fastness to rubbing test. Parameters:
a)station no:6
b)test times:1~9999 times c)radius of test base surface:200mm d)radius of friction head surface:45mm e)friction head pressure :2N
f)friction head moving range:100±1mm g)reciprocating speed:30次/分 h)dimensions:420×370×360mm(W×D×H) i)power:AC220V,90W
j)standard:JIS L0849

AATC Rotary Crockmeter

To determine the color fastness of textiles to dry or wet rubbing particularly for printer fabrics. Applies 1134 grams of pressure on a 16mm finger and rotate 1.125 turns clockwise then anti-clockwise. The operating handle is however
turned in one direction only.
Parameters: Dimension:250×150×250mm(L×W×H) Weight: 5.5 kg 12.0 l B Standard:AATCC 116
Accessories: SDL/AATCC standard friction cloth 1 box(1000 pieces);standard clamping ring 2 ; standard sandpaper 2.

Durawash Washing Machine

Audible alarm and automatic agitator shut off
Temperature indication and control with and accuracy of +/-
0.25% of controller range
Display resolution 0.1 degree
System control and calibration accuracy better than +/-
Solid state relay for silent switching reliability and zero electrical noise.
Magnetically coupled drain pump for reliability
Dimension 670x590x990mm, Power 230v 1phase ,50-60HZ 2750W

Rotawash Washing color Fastness

It is used to testing the washing color fastness for all kinds of color textile.
Put the tested specimen, steel ball and detergent together into the test cup. Scroll through the spindle to make friction between the sample and steel ball. After specified time, take out the specimen and dry, compare to the standard color assessment card. According to the sample's color change to evaluate the color fastness.
1. Stainless steel body;
2. High-precision temperature controller, accurate temperature control cabinets;
3. High-precision timer to set the time accurately stops;
4. Control interface is friendly, easy to operate;
5. Equipped with two steel cup sizes, quantity can be configured according to customer needs. Techniques:
a) Large steel cup capacity: 1200ml b) Small steel cup capacity: 550ml
c) dimension :1120×600×1130mm(LXWXH)
d) weight :120KG
f) Power: 380V/10A, 6.5KW
Standards: M&S C4, C4A, 5, 37, C49, P3B ,ISO 105
,IWST7, 115,177,193,199,240,241 ,AATCC
2,3,28,61,62,86,132 ,BS 1006,JIS L0884,GB/T3921,GB/T5711

AATCC Standard Dryer (whirlpool)

It is a shrinkage tester appointed by American AATCC Meets to AATCC standard testing method (88B+C, 124,
130, 135, 142, 143, 150, 172 and 179)
Drying methods: drying time for pre-school / incomplete dry clothes
air-dry; strong drying / incomplete dry clothes; automatic rotation 30-90 minute, cold crease. Techniques:
dimension 1092× 740× 710mm(L× W× H) drying capacity 18 pound/8.2kg drying process 3
temperature option 2 model no. 3 XLER5437 place of original USA power 220V/50Hz/30AN

AATCC Washing machine (Whirlpool)

It is a shrinkage tester appointed by American AATCC
This machine through either the family type washed many times to the textile afterwards measures the textile the shrinkage or the elongation ratio, after also might carry on each kind to wash the outward appearance evaluation.
Meet to AATCC standard testing method (88B+C, 124, 130,
135, 142, 143, 150, 172 and 179).
dimension 1095× 685× 675mm washing capacity 18 pound/8.2kg washing process 9
water temperature 5 sect water level 3 sect
washing method rolling plus stirring place of original USA
power 220V/50Hz

Perspiration Tester

Determine the textile to water resistance and bears perspiration color fastness.
This instrument provides 1 stainless steel sample frame, may hold 20 10cm×4cm test specimens. Equipped with BS,ISO and the AATCC propylene nitrite separator inserter. Provides BS, ISO and the AATCC standard, presses the heavy item, request to use high accuracy drying oven.
a)perspiration:-AATCC 15, EN ISO 105 Part E04, DIN
b)Sea water -AATCC 107,EN ISO 105 Part E02,DIN
c)Branch water -AATCC 106,EN ISO 105 Part E01,DIN
d)PVC-ISO 105 Part X10, DIN 54072 f)AATCC standard weight:3.63kg(8lb) g)ISO standard weight:4.10kg(9lb)

Zipper Tester

This machine experiments the zipper under crosswise and the longitudinal tensity, whether to withstand reciprocation of the stipulation number of times to draw the operation. When experiment this aircraft drives the zipper by the
constant speed to pull the head, makes each minute 30 next best reciprocal motion, to number of times of up to the stipulation.
Techniques: Repeat route 75mm
Clamp dimension 25mm
Vertical weight 0.28~0.34kg
Distance between two clamp devices 6.35mm Specimen open Angle 60& deg Specimen close angle 30& deg
Speed 30cpm
Counter LCD, 0~999, 999
Dimension 300& times; 550& times; 650cm
Weight 35kg
power 1& #8750; AC220V, 3A
standards CNS-1083 BS 3084

Digital Bursting Strength Tester

Digital Bursting Strength Tester can detect bursting strength of knitted fabrics, oil applied to a specific area of rubber membrane, and then forcing the fabric of vacuoles.
The tester is equipped with pressure monitor; it can record and maintain peak capping, replaceable rubber diaphragm manual clamping devices.
L1018/L1093,IWS TM170

Shroder Fabric Weight Balance

To determine the fabric weight precisely, accurate, measurement fabrics gram portable electronic scales, provided with LCD display, stainless steel plate, touching switches, sealed front the board.
unit switch gram, gram/square meter, ounce, ounce/square yard
range 200g precision 0.01g
place of origin Germany

Digital Thickness Gauge

An inexpensive and accurate soft material thickness tester with counter balance designed to exert minimal load on sample through 1.129 in (28.7mm ) diameter presser foot. Digital display of thickness is up to 0.5 in (13 mm) with a resolution of 0.01in (0.001mm). Equipped with one loading weight which providing a load of 0.6psi (4.14KPA).
Other configurations are available on application.

Sampler Cutter

The Cutter can cut out 100cm² fabric combine and weight on the electronic balance. Suitable for 100 cm ² x 5mm depth of cut.
Provided with the cutting mat and the spare blades Brand:England JAMES H. HEAL Accessories:Spare blades (4), cutting mat (1)
standards:ASTM D3776、BS 2471、IWS TM13 、JIS L1018 /L1096

Martindale Abrasion and Pilling Tester

This tester can check the abrasion and pilling capability for various textile products.
1. Samples are rubbed against known abradent at low pressures, its degree of abrasion and pilling can be compared with standard parameter evaluation.
2. The instruments used movable fastening components of the sample, you can always check out a sample of friction without affecting the other specimen
3. Not only the sample quickly, independent testing, also guarantees a friction over the accuracy of measurement is BSEN ISO12947-1: 1999 recognized fastening methods.
4. The tester is equipped with electronic preset batch counter, timer and pooled sample clips and load device (compatible with international testing standards) Provides 4,
6, head of the model. Technical parameters:
c)standards:BS 3424/5690,IWTO 40-88,BS EN
388/530,IWSTM 112/196,ASTM 4966/4970 IS 12673,
JIS L1096,SFS 4328,PR EN ISO 12947-1,PR EN ISO
12945-2,SATRA TM31,ISO 20344

Pilling Tester

A universal pilling and snagging tester drive system with 2 or 4 heads to rapidly replicate pilling or snagging on fabrics in a fraction of the time due to normal wear.
Electron drive, electron digit counter and previous type equipment
ICI pilling test machine is a cloth or fabric of pilling best help the situation, at the made this Tester also snag test.
ICI pilling tester can measure knit fabrics and knitted fabrics, it fully complies with BS 5811 measuring anti-pilling and fabric appearance of changing requirements,as well as EN ISO/DIS 12945-1 measuring anti-pilling and fabric appearance change part pilling box approach.
Test box is composed of the same speed motor drive, and to maintain the speed of 60rpm. Rotating ring number can be found in the five-digit electronic pulse counter on advance settings. When the ring slot, the machine will automatically stop functioning.
Dimension of inner pilling box: 235*235*235(mm)
Speed: 60r.p.m
standards:BS 5811、 JIS L 1076、 IWS TM152、M&S P18A

Velcro Fatigue Tester

Through the apparatus to achieve Velcro (hook & loop) to repeated stripping and peeling after a certain times. Cut the sample into 75x 20mm with press it with the wheel to be
fitted completely. Use tensile machine (another purchase) to measure its peeling strength (AS) and shear strength (PA) Parameters:
a)Trolley diameter:Last roundФ162.5mm , Next roundФ
160mm b)Trolley Width:80mm c)Trolley Rey:60rpm d)counter:LCD,0~999,999 e)dimension:70×47×60cm f)weight:50kg
g)Power:1∮ AC220V,3A
h)standards :DIN-3415

Resistance flexure Tester

Flexural resistance tester can detect coated fabrics in 500 times per minute flexing under Flex performance. You can simultaneously test 12 block samples, equipped with electronic counter can be set to record the number of times to loop.
a)Clamp option:(A) 6 groups (B) 12 groups b)counter :LCD ,0~999,999 c)dimension :78×45×36 cm d)weight:(A)60kg (B)78kg f)power :1∮,AC220V,3A
g)standards :BS 3424BSEN ISO 13937 BS 4468/3424

Softness Tester

Soft tester is for the leather and textile fabrics and other soft fabric soft-test design
Put the material in a known test hole on the aperture, and then through a small aperture will
load imposed on the fabric, for reads deflection scale pointer value.
Including the software of softness SPC (Window system) and RS232 connector cable Standard IUP 36

Dual Arm Tensile Testing Machine

Widely apply to all kinds of hardware, metal, rubber, shoes industry, leather, garment, textile, insulator, wire and cable materials. To test their performance of stretch, tear, peel off, resistance of compression, and shear force bending, three points bending.
capacity option 50kg, 100kg, 200kg, 500kg, 1T
load resolution 1/100, 000 load accuracy ± 0.5% display LCD
max stroke 1000mm(can be specified by customer)
test speed 30~150mm/min stroke solution 0.5mm
data sampling frequency 16times/second dimension 2000× 602× 1655mm weight 450kg(without clamp)
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